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Lake and mountain region

Lac d’Aiguebelette is the 3rd natural lake in France. A setting in the hollow of the mountains, surprising shades of blue and green, dotted with paddles, boats and swimmers, and paragliders in the blue of the sky. First for its purity of water, it offers exceptional lake fauna and flora. Seen from the Col de l'Épine or the Col du Banchet, the panorama is magical!

And we are in Savoie! Numerous hiking trails surround our campsite, through woods, on ridges, at altitude... You will explore Chartreuse, Vanoise, Bauges or Maurienne. Discovering the castle of the Dukes of Savoy and the old town of Chambéry. A region of lakes, those of neighboring Aix-les-Bains and Annecy.
Many Savoyard specialties will also make you happy, restaurants around the lake and pizzas, burgers, fries and ice creams :) Many producers and the Novalaise market will delight you and open their doors! You will take home good products, meats, cheeses and liqueurs...
Many activities are possible outside the campsite such as Lake Aiguebelette, for swimming, fishing and even a boat trip.

Swimming - Beaches
Aiguebelette le Lac: Free communal beach with surveillance.
Lépin le Lac: Communal beach with lifeguard, paid parking.
Novalaise Lac: 2 paid supervised communal beaches.
Saint Alban de Montbel (Le Sougey): Paid supervised intercommunal beach, free parking
A fishermen's paradise and a privileged area for sports and relaxation, the villages which dot its banks have retained all their authenticity.

Beauvoisin Bridge
City steeped in history. With the treaty of 1355, the Franco-Savoyard border was fixed at Guiers vive. There are now 2 communes of the Pont de Beauvoisin, stage and toll between France & Savoie.
Today the bridge is still there, witness to history. Many other monuments are remarkable: the Carmes church and the old convent overlooking the “hanging gardens” above the Guiers, the Carmes passage spanning the Saint Felix fountain whose water restored sight to the blind. .
Not to mention Pont, city of furniture...
The Carmelite church in Pont de Beauvoisin. Originating in 1157 from a Benedictine establishment, the church is classified as a historic monument. Trompe l'oeil paintings, portals, necropolises (especially that of the lord of Montbel).
Other churches, although less mentioned, are just as remarkable:
     Dullin church in Gothic style from the 15th century also listed.
     Original Ayn church in the shape of its bell tower.
     The Romanesque chapel of Saint Didier d'Aoste is well worth the detour.
     Church of Novalaise baptistery and pietà in gilded wood from the 18th century.

Woodworking Machine Museum - Pont de Beauvoisin
This unique museum in France recreates the atmosphere of a workshop from the first half of the 20th century.
The diversity of machines on display and their tools bear witness to the complexity of the work of the furniture craftsmen who made the reputation of Pont de Beauvoisin.

Castle of the Dukes - Chambéry
Former residence of the Counts and Dukes of Savoy, it constitutes a group of remarkable buildings from the Middle Ages to the 19th century.
Archives Tower (Carrefour Tower) from the 15th century, so-called “Government” facade from the 14th century, elegant apse of the Saint Chapelle, pure flamboyant Gothic, Treasury Tower (14th century). The oldest parts, last vestiges of the 12th and 13th centuries, are the Half-Round Tower, the Herse Gate and the underground rooms.
The Yolande Tower of the Sainte Chapelle houses the great carillon of Chambéry, the first European carillon with its 70 bells.

Château de Montfleury - Avressieux
Located near the national 6, between Pont de Beauvoisin and Saint Génix sur Guiers, close to Lake Aiguebelette and Lake Paladru.
Saracen tower from the 13th century, furnished living rooms. Museum of military archeology tools and the velocipede. History of the castle.

Cane factory - Between two Guiers
This artisanal factory has been producing, from father to son since 1898, engraved chestnut canes and sticks, which will be sold in all the mountain ranges.
Don't miss the display of old tools and supplies.

Gourmet specialties / A land of cheeses
Rich pastures and ancestral know-how come together to make:
Tomme de Savoie - the oldest cheese in Savoie. The tommes are different from one cooperative to another.
Emmental with raw milk - a specialty of the Avant Pays Savoyard. It is renowned for its fruity and luminous paste.
Savoie Gruyère - without holes, its aroma is intense and its paste creamy.
Of course, butter, cottage cheese, cream and other local cheese specialties such as products labeled Dent du Chat, Mont Granier, Chartreuse cheese.
Breeders, winegrowers and farm producers will meet you on their farms. They invite you to discover responsible and sustainable agriculture, linked to their terroir.

Gourmet specialties
Le Gâteau de Saint Genis sur Guiers - nationally renowned, the famous egg brioche cake, filled with red pralines, has a long history. The recipe is more than a century old.
The Gâteau de Savoie - served at the table of the Dukes since the 14th century, its traditional production continues. Other pastries and specialties are available to you, such as Régal Savoyard, L'Orangine, Camisar, Sabaudia...

Wines **alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health
The Jongieux, Morestel and Monthoux wines (AOC)
The balcony road which descends from the Col du Chat to Monthoux offers beautiful views of the Chevelu lakes and the vineyards. On the foothills of Mont du Chat and Charnaz, between Monthoux and Morestel, lies one of the most picturesque vineyards in the department: Cru Jongieux.
Dry and fruity white wines (based on jacquère and chardonnay).
Racy fruit bats (the Lonthoux and Morestel vintages from the famous Altesse grape variety).
Light reds and rosés (Gamay, Pinot noir).
More distinctive reds (Mondeuse noire).


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