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Pont de Beauvoisin

Historic city
According to treaty of 1355, the border between France and Savoy is fixed by the river Guiers. There are from now 2 cities called Pont de Beauvoisin, stage and toll between France and Savoy. Today the bridge is still there, witness of its history.
Many monuments are remarkable : the church of carmelite friars and the old convent giving on “gardens suspendu” with the top of Guiers river, the passage of the Carmelite friars spanning the fountain St Felix water reputed to returned the sight to the blind people... Pont de Beauvoisin is also the city of piece of furniture.

The church of carmelite friars - Pont de Beauvoisin
Born into 1157 from a Benedictine establishement, the church is classified as an historic building. "Trompe-l'oeil" paintings, gate, necropole (in particular the one of a lord of Montbel).

Other churches although less quoted are quite as remarkable

  • Church of Dullin - XVth century gothic style also classified.
  • Church of Ayn - original by the shape of its bell-tower.
  • The roman vault of St Didier d'Aoste largely deserves the tour.
  • Church of Navalsie - wooden baptistry and pieta gilded of XVIII century.

Museum of woodworking machinery - Pont de Beauvoisin

This museum is unique in France. It restores the environment of a 1st half of XXth century workshop.
The diversity of the machines exposed and their tools testifies to the complexity of craftman work of furniture who made the reputation of Pont de Beauvoisin.

Castle of Dukes - Chambéry

Old residence of the Counts and Dukes of Savoy, it constitutes a whole of building remarkable from the Middle Age to XIXth century.
Archive Tower - Crossroad tower (XVth century), frontage known as “government” (XIVth century), elegant bedside of the St Chapelle, pure gothic blazing - Treasury tower (XIVth century).
The oldest parts, last vestiges of XIIth and XIIIth centuries, are the Tower Half-Round, the Door of the Harrow and the room underground.
The Yolande Tower of the St Chapelle shelter the great chime of Chambery, first european chime, with its seventy bells.

Castle of Montfleury - Avressieux

Located close to main road 6, between Pont de Beauvoisin and Saint Genix sur Guiers, near the lakes of Aiguebelette and Paladru.
XIIIth century saracen Tower, rooms furbished. Museum of tools of archaeology military and velocipede. History of the castle.

Stick manufacture - Entre deux Guiers

This craftsmen factory realize of wire father since 1898 canes and sticks made of engraved chestnut tree, that will be sold all over the mountains. Don't miss the old tools and old equipment exhibition.
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